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======""CkOpenMetalCastCueSheetGenScript"" - a script for generating cue sheet files for Open ""MetalCast""======

This script allows you to generate cue sheets to use with [[ Open MetalCast]] podcast files in various music players to see separate tracks in the playlist. Personally I find it's easier to find which is the current track that I just want to download the full album of this way ;-).


~- php-cli (usually found in your GNU/Linux repository - I make no promises that this script will work on legacy OS)
~- a text file with the tracklist copied from the Open ""MetalCast"" website

example for [[ Instrumetalcast 3]]

00:32 What a stupid clown! by Eglyn from Eglyn (BY-NC-ND)
03:45 Paamayim Nekudotayim by Under The Hat from Under The Hat (BY-NC-ND)
06:36 ytech by TURBOLANCE from YTECH (single bonus) (BY-ND)
12:35 Lucsor by Piedra from Antiperro (BY-NC-SA)
17:41 Cyber Punked by The Alien Mike ET from Psychobabble (BY-NC-SA)
25:40 Strumming Bass by Broken Cities from Flux (BY-NC-SA)
33:21 Entranced by Encircle from Watch The Sky Fall (BY-NC-ND)

put this into e.g. ##somefile.txt## and put it inside the same directory as the script file and run:

./CkOpenMetalCastCueSheetGenScript somefile.txt instrumetalcast_003.ogg

note: you do not need to have the audiofile there, you only need to write it's name.

After that put the audio file and the cue file in the same directory and your audio player should automatically use it.


See the playlist on the right.
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This script is under the [[ GNU GPLv3]]. The license text is included in the download.


~-Version 1.0
~~-[[ script]] (7zip compressed)
~~-[[ GPG signature]]
~-Version 1.1
~~-[[ script]] (7zip compressed)
~~-[[ GPG signature]]

You can verify the signature with this key: 0x4CBA3336 @ hkp://

====Known issues====

These hopefully will be fixed in the future:
~- If the tracklist has items which do not follow the time-name-artist-album-license format e.g. there is no album name provided, then that track will not be put into the cue sheet. A workaround is to manually add "from whatever" before the license info in the names list.


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