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======Moto Racer 2 Tracks======

You can get Moto Racer 2 from [[]]. It's a really fun racing game. Below you'll find tracks I created using the in-game editor.

extract the track files into: ##MR2dir/data/tracks##

====CK's Track Pack 2011-1====

Contains the following tracks:

|=|Name|=|Bike|=|Theme|=|Track image||
||ARROW||superbike||sahara||{{image url=""}}||
||COUNTRY ROAD||motocross||brittany||{{image url=""}}||
||DARKWOOD||motocross||forest||{{image url=""}}||
||FOR SCIENCE||superbike||grand prix||{{image url=""}}||
||INSIDE||motocross||forest||{{image url=""}}||
||JUNGLE RIDE||superbike||amazonia||{{image url=""}}||
||RUIN RUN||motocross||amazonia||{{image url=""}}||
||SLOWDOWN||superbike||sahara||{{image url=""}}||
||SPEED STREET||superbike||grand prix||{{image url=""}}||
||TOWN OASIS||motocross||sahara||{{image url=""}}||

Total: 10 tracks (5 superbike, 5 motocross)
File size: 1,7 ""KiB"" (7zip compressed)
Download: [[ sendspace]] [[ dropbox]]

====CK's Track Pack 2001====

Contains the following tracks:

|=|Name|=|Bike|=|Theme|=|Track image||
||EZ FOREST||motocross||forest||{{image url=""}}||
||SPEEDCITY||superbike||grand prix||{{image url=""}}||

Total: 2 tracks (1 superbike, 1 motocross)
File size: 621 B (7zip compressed)
Download: [[ sendspace]] [[ dropbox]]

====CK's Track Pack 1999====

I was a kid back then, the tracks are saved under a different nickname. Also, don't ask about the track names ;-).

Contains the following tracks:

|=|Name|=|Bike|=|Theme|=|Track image||
||3 MOSTY||motocross||amazonia||{{image url=""}}||
||BUMERANG||superbike||grand prix||{{image url=""}}||
||DEAD SPEED||superbike||grand prix||{{image url=""}}||
||HIJUMP||motocross||brittany||{{image url=""}}||
||KILER||motocross||brittany||{{image url=""}}||
||KRZYWA KOSC||superbike||brittany||{{image url=""}}||
||KWADRAT||superbike||sahara||{{image url=""}}||
||LITERA L||motocross||amazonia||{{image url=""}}||
||MEGA JUMP||motocross||forest||{{image url=""}}||
||PATYK||motocross||forest||{{image url=""}}||
||""PUSTY NIA""||motocross||sahara||{{image url=""}}||
||PUSTYNNY LOT||motocross||sahara||{{image url=""}}||
||SAHARA HEAT||motocross||sahara||{{image url=""}}||
||SLALOM||superbike||amazonia||{{image url=""}}||
||SZYBKI START||superbike||grand prix||{{image url=""}}||
||WYSOKI SKOK||motocross||forest||{{image url=""}}||

Total: 16 tracks (6 superbike, 10 motocross)
File size: 3,1 ""KiB"" (7zip compressed)
Download: [[ sendspace]] [[ dropbox]]

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